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rsz_img_20150309_114400_688_2    More than just coffee… 

Open Monday – Friday


Welcome to the Emmanuel Coffee shop webpage. We hope that from visiting this page you feel the coffee shop is a warm welcoming environment.

We hope that you find the coffee shop great value and that you enjoy your visit!  

We hope too that you will find our prices to be competitive (actually we really hope you find them to be the best in the Shopping Centre). 

We aim to keep the prices low and the atmosphere friendly because it is our mission to make the Emmanuel Coffee Shop a place where everyone can feel at home.

To check out the menu that the Coffee shop offers click “HERE!”

The Coffee Shop is a not-for-profit organization and it is part of the Emmanuel Group of Churches.That doesn’t mean that we bless the bread before it is toasted but it does mean that there is always someone who can listen, talk with you or pray with you. Just ask the person on the till to find someone for you.
rsz_20150527_132610 We also have a lovely prayer room where you can sit and be quiet for a few moments or write a prayer to put on the prayer board. Again, ask the person on the till to direct you to the prayer room (you will pass it on your way in / out).

If you wish to contact the coffee shop directly, feel free to click “HERE!”

To take a more in depth look at the coffee shop, check out the gallery “HERE!”



Emmanuel Group Of Churches, Weston Favell Centre, Northampton, NN3 8JR - Phone: 01604 402150
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