The Emmanuel Group of Churches

In the 1960’s a plan was hatched to turn farm land on the eastern edge of Northampton into overspill housing for London. Today this area comprises 16 housing estates and is known as Northampton East. Upwards of 40,000 people live here in a mixture of private and Borough housing with small primary schools on most estates and an Academy for secondary education.

New houses meant an opportunity for new churches and new shops and the church leaders in 1970 decided not to build their own individual churches but to work together in one building on the edge of the new shopping centre being built there…..and today Emmanuel church is still in the Weston Favell shopping centre: with one entrance beyond the library and another in the bus bay for the Centre.

It is not what you might call a ‘normal’ church; built on three floors of the same kind of concrete design as the south Bank theatres in London (Brutalist architecture if you want the proper term!). On the top floor there is the church office, a sports hall and a large café (open Monday – Friday) and on the middle floor the church and a chapel as well as a small lounge. The ground floor has another meeting room and the exit to the bus bay. So, if you are coming to church you either have to go downstairs from the shops or upstairs from the buses………(and hope not to get lost….)

It’s not what you call a normal church either because of being a mixture of people and churches.

When Emmanuel Church was opened officially it was to be for Baptists, Anglicans, Methodist and United Reform worshippers and there were clergy from each of those denominations. Today there are lots of different people and three full time clergy.

It also has grown two other churches who meet in Boothville (the community Centre) and Rectory Farm (the School). Each church is different (you’ll have to visit them to decide which best suits you!) but we share a vision that being together to worship God and to build a home for the community is better done together than apart.

We have a formal declaration of what our intent as a Group of Churches is which you will find elsewhere on this site. But the best way to find out what we are about is to visit us and talk to the people who are part of our church families.

If you ring the church office on 01604 402150 you will find out more details about our services or have a look at the back page of our Group magazine BERT.

Emmanuel Group Of Churches, Weston Favell Centre, Northampton, NN3 8JR - Phone: 01604 402150
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